Real Oil Portraits

Portrait, likeness, image (French portrait; Latin protrahere - bring to light, reveal, show; contrafacere - imitate) - an artistic image (painting, sculptural, graphic, drawing) of a specific person or group of people, showing an external resemblance and sometimes character traits of the portrayed.
Magdalena Wolnicka-Maryniak
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While working on a portrait, I build a very specific and individual relationship with another person. By analyzing the structure and features of his face, I try to translate my impression into the means of expression offered by oil painting with all its techniques. If you treat your job fairly, that's the way it is.

A portrait is not a simple recreation of an image or a duplication of a recorded image, it is much more - it transmits to the recipient a bit of magic contained in each of us. On the other hand, the painting craftsmanship, skills, experience and a bit of talent allow you to work efficiently. Transfer onto canvas what should be there according to my opinion and feeling.

In many of my paintings, the figures are accompanied by animals. It is not a purely decorative procedure. Often, showing the bond of a person with his pet allows you to better reveal the nature of man, often carefully hidden, especially in representative portraits.
I have been dealing with portrait painting for many years - oil paintings, drawings, sometimes digital works on a computer. I work for private individuals and organizations. However, always, each order is a new challenge and experience. Just as no two people are alike, a portrait that has already existed cannot be created… This is the charm and difficulty of this specific work, and hence the fascination and commitment.

Magdalena Wolnicka-Maryniak
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